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Bosvark Consulting:

 operating in hostile environments, we offer turnkey solutions to the defence industry.


Army Soldiers At Parade


With over 30 years of experience in defense we tailor end to end solutions to support our clients unique operational challenges.

We have a vast global reach and take pride in our unique ability to support defense and aerospace organisations looking to successfully penetrate new markets in complex and difficult to operate in locations. Our team provide tailored solution's covering everything from initial testing right the way through to after market support.

Bosvark Consulting Ltd specialise in turnkey procurement, supply chain and export solutions. Having experts who have worked for some of the biggest defense manufacturers in the world, we know bring this expertise to more specialised organisations.




'Make it happen' is the soul belief in which our Company's ethos is built upon. This fundamental ethic of determination and commitment is why we have  the ability to deliver what other companies within the industry cannot.  

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